Janine Hansen, Eagle Forum National Constitutional Issues Chairman
March 21, 2017, In the Year of our Lord
From Janine Hansen, Nevada State Eagle Forum President
constitutionGreat News! Late last night SJR10 was introduced in the Nevada Legislature to Rescind all previous Article V applications in Nevada which includes an Article V for a Balanced Budget Amendment.
It was introduced by a handpicked Democrat. We have a Democrat majority in the Senate and Assembly. We are working hard. We do not want or need any Emails from out of state.  We feel that they are not necessary or helpful at this time. Your prayers are very welcome. 
I will let you know of our progress. No hearing is scheduled yet. Below is a copy of the Resolution. We feel it is an EXCELLENT Resolution!
MARCH 20, 2017
Referred to Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections
SUMMARY-Rescinds all previous resolutions of the Nevada
Legislature which requested Congress to convene a
convention to propose amendments to the United
States Constitution. (BDR R-940)
SENATE JOINT RESOLUTION-Rescinding all previous
resolutions of the Nevada Legislature which requested
Congress to convene a convention to propose
amendments to the United States Constitution.
1 WHEREAS, The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was initially
2 convened to make revisions to the Articles of Confederation and this
3 Convention decided instead to discard the Articles of Confederation
4 entirely and create a new system of government; and
5 WHEREAS, The United States Constitution has served as the
6 cornerstone of American liberty since its creation in 1787 and was
7 the first written national constitution to set forth a system of
8 separation of powers and to ensure that the rights of minority groups
9 could not be easily trampled upon by the will of the majority; and
10 WHEREAS, Despite turmoil and grave political and economic
11 concerns, including, without limitation, the contested presidential
12 elections of 1800, 1876 and 2000, the Civil War and the Great
13 Depression, a subsequent constitutional convention has not been
14 held since 1787; and
15 WHEREAS, The United States Constitution has proven to be
16 resilient and has been amended only 27 times during the course of
17 its 230-year history; and
18 WHEREAS, Article V of the United States Constitution requires
19 the Congress of the United States to convene a constitutional

1 convention upon the application of two-thirds of the several states;
2 and
3 WHEREAS, The Nevada Legislature has, at various times, passed
4 resolutions requesting Congress to convene a convention, pursuant
5 to Article V of the United States Constitution, to propose
6 amendments to the Constitution relating to a wide range of subjects;
7 and
8 WHEREAS, Over the course of time, the will of the people of the
9 State of Nevada may have changed relating to these resolutions; and
10 WHEREAS, A constitutional convention convened by Congress
11 could make sweeping changes to the United States Constitution and
12 threaten the liberty of future generations of Nevadans; and
13 WHEREAS, The Nevada Legislature is aware that other state
14 legislatures have made applications requesting that Congress
15 convene a constitutional convention; and
16 WHEREAS, The Nevada Legislature no longer supports its
17 previous resolutions which requested that Congress convene a
18 constitutional convention, most of which were adopted over three
19 decades ago, and does not wish for these resolutions to be included
20 with similar applications which were made by other state
21 legislatures; now, therefore, be it
23 NEVADA, JOINTLY, That the members of the 79th Session of the
24 Nevada Legislature hereby rescind, repeal, cancel, void, nullify and
25 supersede each previous resolution passed by the Nevada
26 Legislature which requested the Congress of the United States to
27 convene a constitutional convention pursuant to Article V of the
28 United States Constitution; and be it further
29 RESOLVED, That the members of the 79th Session of the Nevada
30 Legislature urge each state legislature which requested Congress to
31 convene a constitutional convention to withdraw such applications;
32 and be it further
33 RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate prepare and
34 transmit a copy of this resolution to the Vice President of the United
35 States as the presiding officer of the United States Senate, the
36 Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and each
37 member of the Nevada Congressional Delegation; and be it further
38 RESOLVED, That this resolution becomes effective upon
39 passage.