Fred Schlafly (1909-1993) was married to Phyllis Schlafly for 43 years and the father of six children. A graduate of Georgetown University and Harvard Law School, he practiced law in Alton, Illinois for 50 years. Fred Schlafly epitomized what it means for a husband to support his wife. He fully supported Phyllis financially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Fred made it possible for Phyllis to do all of the things that she did: write books and columns, lobby legislatures, speaking and media appearances, and start a movement. Her tremendous success was enabled by her marriage to Fred Schlafly. He was her biggest champion, but also her trusted critic. Fred encouraged her, he was immensely proud of her, and he read what she wrote and freely “censored” and edited her work.

Eagle Forum, founded by Phyllis Schlafly, recognizes that none of us live and work alone. We are part of a family. Our members are able to volunteer because they have a strong support at home. Eagle Forum proudly recognizes how crucial a supportive husband is to his wife and family.

Bill Linton, the husband of longtime Eagle leader and board member, Lois Linton, received our Fred Schlafly Award, presented to the man standing behind and next to the woman, just as Fred Schlafly did with Phyllis.

In 2017, the first annual “Fred Schlafly Award for Supportive Husband” was presented to Mark Andrews (husband of Pat Andrews) and Don Ruzicka (husband of Gayle Ruzicka).