Eagle Forum Report

October '18 Issue
Perils of Pornography
  • Teaching Purity in an Impure World
  • We Cannot Ignore Porn
  • The Dark Side of the Web
  • September '18 Issue
    Traffic Jam at Border
  • Fake Left; Go ICE
  • Human Traffickers Are Unwelcome in Texas
  • August '18 Issue
    Gambling: Getting Nothing From Something
  • Don’t Bet Your Life
  • Mislaying Our Moral Compass
  • State Sanctioned Gambling is a Bad Bet
  • July '18 Issue
    The Indoctrination of Millennials
  • The Deep State on Campus
  • How Little Socialists are Made
  • June '18 Issue
    Lying, Stealing, & Cheating Elections
  • The ‘Motor Voter’ Fraud Trap
  • Voter Fraudster Alert
  • Russian Roulette in Voting
  • May '18 Issue
    True Values
  • Choosing Biblical Values Over Islamic Values
  • Fear of Islamophobia Can Harm U.S.
  • Editor’s Note
  • April '18 Issue
    Weeding Out Marijuana
  • The High Cost of a Pot High
  • Editor’s Note
  • Grass is Not Greener
  • Shine the Light of Truth on Legalization
  • March '18 Issue
    What’s Wrong with ‘Equal Rights’?
  • Replace #MeToo with #NoWay
  • Because ERA Harms Our Unborn Children
  • Who’s the Man?
  • February '18 Issue
    More Child Abuse in the Classroom
  • Weapon of Mass Instruction or Destruction?
  • Danger in the High-Tech Classroom
  • Higher Education is a Leftist Bastion
  • January '18 Issue
    Choosing Life
  • Born ALIVE Following Saline Abortion
  • Taxpayers Are Still Funding Abortion
  • Real Men Are Pro-Life
  • Fighting the War Against Life