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I want to help build on Eagle Forum’s recent victories to nominate and elect the best conservatives in this year’s elections. Eagle Forum PAC makes sure that our candidates are solid on our key issues: taxes, government spending, national security, immigration, border security, life, marriage, education, parental rights, constitution, and judiciary.

We must nominate and elect conservative, pro-family candidates to Congress in 2018. (Maximum allowed contributions: $5,000 per person, per calendar year — not-tax-deductible.)

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A message from Eagle Forum president, Eunie Smith.

Dear Eagle Forum supporter,

Eunie Smith Please let me assure you that Eagle Forum will continue to advocate the wonderful policies Eagle Forum has always espoused through its phenomenal founder, Phyllis Schlafly. We will work with renewed vigor! Eagle Forum is the premiere organization that Phyllis Schlafly established. It is her ONLY ACTIVIST ARM. It is composed of a lobbying team on Capitol Hill and informed, experienced, respected activists in every state in the union. As a matter of fact, your donations to Eagle Forum bring you double your money's worth because of our dedicated unpaid Eagle State Volunteers (including yours truly and the other supportive Board members). We use the information and leadership the national organization provides us and lobby on your behalf. We champion public policies, legislation, and the election of conservative pro-family candidates.

I am excited to tell you that Eagle Forum has THREE choices for you to donate to us: our activist arm, Eagle Forum (c4); our research arm, Eagle Forum Foundation (c3) which is tax deductible; and our PAC, which enables us to endorse candidates and contribute to their election!

Please be generous. We must be prepared to take advantage of the rare opportunity that a single party control of all three branches of government provides us. We must not take NO for an answer. We must press forward with conservative policies now! Your generous donation will ensure that we don't let this chance pass us by. Our projects are so important to the future of our country and to the conservative pro-family cause. The more you give, the more we can support our volunteers and influence legislators, and win elections!!

Eunie Smith, President