Phyllis Schlafly is my personal hero and I have the highest order of respect for Eagle Forum. I am in awe of this organization. Keep up the good work all! J.

The article on Kate Millett in the last Report is really eye-opening. M.

I have fond memories of Phyllis Schlafly. She was an inspirational Conservative lady. I would like 25 copies of “Feminism Destroys Lives” to give to young people I know. G.

Another spot-on amazing Report/interview with Mallory Millett! C

Thank you for all your Eagle Forum Reports. J.

I had a brief correspondence with your Mom, and admired her GREATLY! J.

Phyllis Schlafly was an outstanding woman. Intelligent, personable, pro-woman all the way and conservative. Prayers that FX will do justice to her memory. A.

Phyllis was a great person and fine patriot and should be admired! S.