God bless and thank you forever for your truthful, helpful Eagle Forum Reports. You friend, P.

God Bless you for the faith and courage to carry on the love of her country that Phyllis represented. S.

We are grateful for your efforts in continuing the stalwart legacy of your Mother, Phyllis. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide Eagle Forum! J.

Thank you so much for carrying on your Mom’s legacy! Great!! C.

Anne – Just a note to thank you for carrying on your mother’s legacy of knowledge. Soon you will have a legacy of your own for young folks to aspire to. Thanks for all your family has done for me and for fighting for virtue and freedom! T.

Thank you for all that you do! K.

Mrs. Cori, It was a privilege to be with your mother when we fought the ERA. God Bless you. G.

I have been a proud supporter of Phyllis Schlafly & Eagle Forum since Sen. Goldwater pres. race in 1964. Thank you for your very valuable service to America! C.

God bless you Anne Schlafly Cori and your mother. J.

Thanks for all you are doing for our country. Informing us of existing dangers. I.

I am very happy to find the Eagle Forum. N

God bless you for your work. A.

Thank you for what you do. C.

I thank the Lord for all the good newsletters you keep writing as your mother did. They are so educational. Keep up the good works. Our Lord will bless you for keeping citizen’s informed. B.

I loved Phyllis Schlafly. What a wonderful woman! K.

I am glad you continue trying to educate against liberal attitudes that are bombarding our country.

I read “Sweetheart of the Silent Majority” years ago and admired Phyllis’ character, words, energy and intellect. Her wonderful ability to accomplish being a mother, student, speaker, and organizer was awesome.

I pray Hollywood cannot dammage her memory. God Bless you and yours. C.

Love you all in Eagle Forum. W.

First time at your page and article great. J.

My husband worked with Phyllis in the ERA mess years ago. Here we go again. M.

Thanks for helping win this battle. L.

Phyllis Schlafly is my personal hero and I have the highest order of respect for Eagle Forum. I am in awe of this organization. Keep up the good work all! J.

The article on Kate Millett in the last Report is really eye-opening. M.

I have fond memories of Phyllis Schlafly. She was an inspirational Conservative lady. I would like 25 copies of “Feminism Destroys Lives” to give to young people I know. G.

Another spot-on amazing Report/interview with Mallory Millett! C

Thank you for all your Eagle Forum Reports. J.

I had a brief correspondence with your Mom, and admired her GREATLY! J.

Phyllis Schlafly was an outstanding woman. Intelligent, personable, pro-woman all the way and conservative. Prayers that FX will do justice to her memory. A.

Phyllis was a great person and fine patriot and should be admired! S.