Successor to the Phyllis Schlafly Report: Eagle Forum Report

August '16 Issue
Trump Battles the Globalists of Both Parties
  • Brexit Stuns the Globalists
  • Trump’s Speech Trumped Cruz’s
  • Trump Is Right About NATO
  • July '16 Issue
    Republicans Debate: Should Women Be Drafted?
  • Male and Female Still Matter in Combat
  • Congress Is Close to Drafting Our Daughters
  • Schlafly Readies Draft Fight
  • June '16 Issue
    Diseases Cross Open Borders
  • Failed Republicans Want to Rewrite the Constitution
  • Put the Wall in the Platform
  • ‘A Banner of Bold Colors With No Pastel Shades’
  • May '16 Issue
    Trump and Reagan: Similarities and Differences
  • Please — No Third-Party Candidate
  • Murderers Should Not Be Allowed to Vote
  • April '16 Issue
    Chinese Crowding Our College Campuses
  • Students Don’t Get Their Money’s Worth
  • Microaggressions Threaten Free Speech
  • Taking Time Off for Political Correctness
  • ‘Safe Spaces’ Are Un-American
  • March '16 Issue
    What We Learned From the Debates
  • Candidates Turn Against Trade Deals
  • No Wonder Obama Wouldn’t Let Us Read TPP
  • Republicans Debate Guest Workers
  • Omnibus Attack on American Jobs
  • February '16 Issue
    America’s ‘Last Chance’
  • Justice Scalia’s Untimely Death Should Wake Up Congress
  • Will the Republican Establishment Stand Down?
  • Senator Sessions’ Test for Candidates
  • January '16 Issue
    Time to Leave ‘No Child’ Behind
  • Arne Has Left the Building
  • News Takes on Education . . .