— Our Purposes —

The general purpose of Court Watch is to promote justice in the courts, which are so centrally involved in America's Culture War. Reconstructionist (activist/liberal) judges have been grabbing the power to morph our U. S. Constitution into a Humanist document and then use ""their" Constitution to beat all of America into a Humanist culture. Court Watch is unswervingly committed to countering this Humanistic assault and to "Reviving the Constitution!" through the re-establishment of the Judeo-Christian worldview as the foundation our Constitution and our culture.

Court Watch pursues this general purpose through several specific objectives:

  • Explaining the Culture War, with specific emphasis on the roles of the courts and the U. S. Constitution in the War;

  • Providing "back-to-the-basics" knowledge of the Constitution and the courts;

  • Offering an historical perspective on the courts, the Constitution, and the Culture War;

  • Emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills, focusing on mastering the key constitutional/cultural arguments of both Reconstructionists and Constitutionalists (Judeo-Christian advocates), and learning how to use Constitutionalist arguments to demolish Reconstructionism/Humanism;

  • Equipping Constitutionalists to use the weapons for effective Culture War combat taught in these studies and motivating Constitutionalists to engage in the War.
Alan Sears and Virginia Armstrong, 2014
Teaching Evolutionism in Texas: Bad for Texas and Bad for the Nation?
Court Watch/Blackstone workshop in Sugarland, Texas, June 2011