April 25, 2018
Contact Illinois State Legislators

STOP ERAEqual Rights Amendment has not yet been called for a vote in the Illinois House, but the supporters of ERA have been working hard to generate support.  Even Planned Parenthood came down to lobby for the amendment, which is proof positive that the ERA will be used as a tool to strengthen abortion rights.

We can combat this pressure in several ways:

1) Reach out to your state rep again and encourage others to also contact their state representatives to urge them to vote no on the ERA. Our legislators need to know that their voters want them to vote no on the ERA.  Let them know that they are supporting women and the unborn child by voting NO on the ERA.  They need to hear from us again and again!  We have been called ‘the silent majority,’ but today we need to become the vocal majority.

2)  Please schedule a meeting with your state representative to confirm a no vote on the ERA. Next week, the state representatives will be in their district all week which means they should be available to meet with you. Call today to schedule for next week, and gather some of your friends, family and neighbors to go with you. Let me know if you’re scheduling a meeting, and I’ll put you in touch with others who also want to meet with your state rep. Use the contact information below to identify their district contact information.  These district meetings are a very powerful opportunity to explain your concerns about the ERA.

3)  If you have time, please come to the Capitol to lobby against ERA during the week of May 8-11.  Gather a car full and let me know you’re coming, so I can give you more information.

4) While you are contacting your state rep., please also encourage them to vote no on HB5596 – a bill that requires our public elementary and high schools to teach a separate unit on the contributions of LGBTQ individuals in our history. A person’s orientation shouldn’t be the focus of our public education.  This same bill is in the Senate as SB3249, so please also call your state senator and ask them to vote no on SB 3249.

For more information on the ERA please visit www.illinoisfamily.org  We also now have a direct link to Eagle Forum’s Stop ERA page at www.stopera.com and our fact sheets here.

Thanks for all you do! Your voice and your actions really are making a difference. Please keep taking action!

Regards –
Elise Bouc
847-707-1217 cell

To contact your legislators:

Click on the IFI link below, and then click on the gray “officials finder” button on the right hand side (scroll down to middle page).  Type in your zip code, then follow the directions from there.  You’ll be given a list of your elected officials.  Your state senator and state representative are listed at the bottom of the list.  Click on their name and you’ll be given their contact information with phone numbers and email.  You can call their district phone and their Capitol phone as well as email them.