Equal Rights Amendment

Equal Rights Amendment

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Memo to: Chairman and Members, Nevada State Senate Legislative Operations and Elections Committee, Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness, Feb. 17, 2017
The Equal Rights Amendment: Another effort to sneak abortion into the Constitution, LiveActionNews.org, Feb. 26, 2016
Urgent Message to Illinois Friends from Phyllis Schlafly: We need your immediate help to phone your Illinois State Representative and urge a NO vote on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) - which just passed the Illinois Senate and is scheduled to come up in the House as early as Monday (Memorial Day). READ MORE, 5-24-14

NRLC letter to U.S. House of Representatives urging opposition to pro-abortion 'Equal Rights Amendment' — January 13, 2011 (PDF)

NRLC letter to U.S. Senate urging opposition to pro-abortion 'Equal Rights Amendment' — January 13, 2011 (PDF)

NRLC letter to U.S. House of Representatives urging opposition to pro-abortion 'Equal Rights Amendment' — July 7, 2009 (PDF)

'Equal rights' for women: wrong then, wrong now, Los Angeles Times, By Phyllis Schlafly, April 8, 2007

Attention Illinois Eagles: The old Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) has reared its ugly head in Illinois again.
Rallying Stop ERAers
ERA: Enshrining Abortion as a Constitutional Right by By J.C. Willke, MD Life Issues Connector, October 2007

Sex Bias in the U.S. Code
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ERA ratification resolution stalls in Ark. House committee, 2-08-07

Arkansas fails to ratify ERA bill, The Washington Times, 2-08-07

Effort to Revive Federal E.R.A. Suffers Stunning Setback as Arkansas House Committee Votes Down Ratification Resolution, 2-07-07

National Right to Life Urges Legislators in Arkansas and Other States to Reject 'Three-State Strategy' to Revive Federal ERA, Citing Use As Pro-Abortion Legal Weapon, 2-07-07

ERA on Agenda — Arkansas HJR1002

ERA: Equality for whom?

Legal scholar Eugene Volokh writes: "PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY SAID IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS: A California trial court has just held that the California opposite-sex-only marriage requirement is unconstitutional; and part of its argument — though only part — was that it violated the ban on sex discrimination in the state constitution, since the opposite-sex-only rule necessarily discriminated based on sex. ... Had the ERA been enacted at the federal level, it would have further raised the bar against sex classifications, and thus made decisions like the California and Massachusetts one more likely. ...

The California decision — and the Massachusetts decision, and a similar Hawaii decision that has since been reversed by the Hawaii voters — shows us that ... the anti-ERA forces, much as I probably disagree with most of them on many things, have proved prescient." 3-14-05

A Nevada lawmaker's attempt to revive the federal Equal Rights Amendment has been thwarted by a legal opinion finding the amendment has expired. 2-24-05
Legal scholar says Massachusetts decision proves Phyllis Schlafly was right about ERA UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh writes: "PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY SAID IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS. ... So the Massachusetts ERA did contribute to constitutional protection for homosexual marriage -- as the opponents of the ERA predicted, and as the supporters of the ERA vehemently denied." 11-18-03
Illinois and the United States said NO to the Equal Rights Amendment 20 years ago.
  Illinois Letter — ALERT EagleForum.org, Oct. 2003
  Calls Urgently Needed Now To Stop Equal Rights Amendment Illinois Family Institute Alert, 5-22-03
Letter to Illinois Residents from Phyllis Schlafly, 2-11-03
Update on ERA in Illinois by: Phyllis Schlafly, 1-23-03
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Ticer Brings ERA Ratification Up in State Senate, SunGazette.net, Jan. 18, 2011
Equal Rights Amendment sinks in legislative tide, TampaBay.com, May 2, 2007
Gov. Bush derides renewal of ERA debate — He calls it 'a retro subject', Miami Herald, Thu, Mar. 27, 2003