December 16, 2016

CALIFORNIA – Orlean Koehle, State President of California Eagle Forum reports close to 700 people in four different locations in Northern California are better informed about the lies and distortions of “climate change” through presentations given by one of the foremost authorities Lord Christopher Monckton of the UK.  Lord Monckton was a science policy adviser for Margaret Thatcher and had been speaking out against the myths of global warming and climate change since doing his own research when the pseudoscience about it first began to be pushed on the public.

The speaking tour, from December 5 – 8, was arranged by Debbie Bacigalupi, state board member of Eagle Forum of California, and issue director of Agenda 21 (now 2030).  Debbie had met Lord Monckton before at a UN conference on climate change, and they were both speakers at a recent conference Dec. 3 in Arizona.  Debbie arranged for him to stay a week longer in the USA and speak in four locations in Northern California.  He spoke for a tea party group in Yuba City where 200 people heard him; in Yreka, at a hotel where both Republican women and a tea party group co-sponsored the event  with 250 in attendance;  in Santa Rosa for an event co-sponsored by Sonoma County Eagle Forum and North Bay Patriots, with 110 in attendance.  His final presentation was given at the home of Mario and Nina Pellegrinni, in Montara.  Nina is one of the Vice Presidents for Eagle Forum in Northern California.  Another 100 people were in attendance.  Every place Lord Monckton spoke he was well received with a standing ovation. 

Of course, there is opposition to anyone trying to debunk the political correct myths of climate change.  In Sonoma County there is a far-left, green magazine called the Bohemian, that did a hit piece on Lord Monckton, written by the news editor Tom Gogola, entitled “Lord of the Wingnuts,” inferring that Lord Monckton is only believed by “right wing, nutty groups.”  It had disparaging things to say about Eagle Forum and North Bay Patriots and, of course, many disparaging things to say about Lord Monckton.Lord Monckton wrote a witty piece back to the Bohemian stating in his lofty British vocabulary: “Mr. Gogola, perhaps having taken early and excessive advantage of the recent license granted by a benign and indulgent but possibly misguided government permitting its citizens imprudently to expose their pleural passages at will to the hallucinogenic narcotic cannabis indica, is more than somewhat adrift in his facts.” (Translation, Mr. Gogala was probably high on weed when he wrote his article and doesn’t have his facts straight.)