March 27, 2018

The Awful Omnibus

On March 22 Congress voted to pass an Omnibus spending package that was anything but Conservative.  The over 2,200-page document was released 36 hours before it was taken to a vote.  No one, including your Congressmen and Senators, had time to read the entire bill.  The House voted in favor 256-167 and the Senate voted in favor 65-32. Because of the rushed job, Congress continued to fund the leftist agenda by giving money to programs like Planned Parenthood, Head Start, and the National Endowment for the Arts. They stripped most of the funding for a border wall leaving a measly $1.6 billion and increased the amount of low-skilled immigrant workers to enter our borders. This greatly increases the change of visa overstays.

To make matters worse, over $2.2 billion was allocated to strengthen the borders of several conflict areas including Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, and countries bordering Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia. Obviously, Congress cares more about the safety of other countries than their own nation.

This bill undermined Conservative values and freedoms. To read more about what the bill does, click here. Please reach out to your Representative and your Senators to let them know how you feel based on how they voted.

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