Congress’s September “To Do List”

August 27, 2015

September promises to be a busy, and likely controversial, month for Congress, as the House and Senate return on September 8th. The issues mentioned in this earlier alert remain important, and with the fiscal year ending at the close of the month, there is the added pressure of funding the government. Republican leaders in the House and Senate must prove their willingness to use their majority to achieve conservative goals. Please continue to contact your senators and representative about the following:

  1. Planned Parenthood: As more videos are released detailing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome activities, please make sure your friends, fellow church members, and neighbors understand the reality of the organization and why it must be stopped. Several committees in the House of Representatives are investigating, and at the very least, Congress should stop taxpayer funding to the organization while they are under investigation. Tell your representatives that federal money for health care should be reprioritized and sent first to the many organizations that provide health care without participating in abortions or potentially illegal activity. Read this op-ed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on the issue here. 
  1. Iran Deal: Each detail we learn about the Iran deal indicates that it will do nothing to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. Last week, the Associated Press reported that Iran would inspect its own nuclear facilities! Instead of preventing a war, the Obama-Kerry approach to Iran increases the likelihood of war. The House plans to take up a resolution of disapproval when it returns on September 8th. Please encourage all Members of Congress to do everything in their power to stop this terrible deal. 
  1. Sanctuary cities: Illegal aliens continue to commit shocking crimes against Americans in our own country, but sanctuary cities still ignore our federal immigration laws. Congress can help fix this problem by passing the Davis-Oliver Act, which would not only deal with sanctuary cities but would also encourage federal-state cooperation in immigration enforcement and expedite the removal of criminal aliens.

This alert is no longer active.