May 6, 2014

Eagle Forum, in coordination with American Principles Project, led the effort on a letter released Monday that calls on Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, chair of the National Governors Association, to end the Common Core standards project. The NGA was a key leader in developing and implementing the Common Core, working with special interests to write the standards and then pushing them through at the state level with little debate or transparency. Governor Fallin’s opposition would undercut a crucial element of Common Core’s support.

The letter to Governor Fallin has been signed by many groups and commentators besides Eagle Forum, including American Principles Project, the Pioneer Institute, HSLDA, and Michelle Malkin. It states:

NGA has assisted the federal government in employing a strategy against the states that has divided and conquered the state checks and balances that are intended to guard against federal overreach.  It has presided over the development of math standards that lock children into a defective education, one that does not prepare children for studies in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) or for admission to competitive public and private universities.  It has presided over the development of English standards that fail to prepare children for authentic college work in the humanities and that weaken the formation of strong citizen-leaders and individuals of substance who are fully capable of exercising their liberties.

The signers of the letter urge Governor Fallin to listen to the demands of parents across the nation. By withdrawing the NGA’s support of the Common Core, she would help restore the control of education to its proper hands: those of our states and communities. Add your voice to this effort today.

Take Action!

Please sign the letter to Governor Fallin by going to this link: