Keep Calling! Stop Congress from Enabling Obama!

Congress has not yet decided on how to proceed with funding the government, but they know that the spending bills must deal with President Obama’s proposed executive amnesty. Keep the calls coming! While the leadership is still considering an omnibus, Republican members are beginning to see that the only way to stop this executive overreach is to pass a short-term spending bill. Continue to call and email Republican members with the talking points below, and ask them to oppose a year-long omnibus.

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Stop Congress from Enabling Obama!

November 14, 2014

On November 4th, American voters spoke loud and clear by electing a historic 60-seat majority in the House and flipping the Senate to Republican control. This election was a repudiation of the Obama administration’s failed leadership, lawlessness, and radical agenda.

Stop Congress from Enabling Obama!

Almost every candidate ran in favor of repealing Obamacare, reining in the out-of-control executive, and stopping amnesty. The American people sent this new majority to Washington expecting them to fulfill their promises. However, merely days after this historic election, some Republicans are publicly considering passage of a long-term spending bill that would shut out this newly elected majority from the appropriations process and forfeit any leverage they might have with the president next year.

Republican leaders say they want to “clear the decks” so they can come back in January and prove they can govern. But, how will they govern when they have given away the most significant leverage they have over the president – the power of the purse?

The Republican conference met yesterday, and we have reports that there was a lot of talk on the strategy for derailing the President’s coming lawless executive amnesty. The only way to stop Obama is to defund his efforts. The president isn’t likely to announce his amnesty until Congress has gone home after the lame duck session. If they pass a long-term spending bill, it becomes virtually impossible to defund or reverse the president’s actions.

We are working hard to stop this long-term spending bill so that the new Republican majority will be able to govern appropriately. Please help us by calling and emailing your Republican representative and senators.

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Message to U.S. Republican Members in Congress:

Please Support a Short-Term Spending Bill

Please support a short-term spending bill to fund the government. The power of the purse is one of Congress’s most important tools. A long-term funding measure would toss it aside and receive nothing in return.

The American people sent more Republicans to Washington so they could stop President Obama’s reckless agenda. A short-term spending bill is the only way to keep the government open without giving President Obama more opportunity for mischief.

As the president threatens an unconstitutional executive amnesty, Congress must be ready to use every tool at its disposal. We hope you will recognize a short-term measure is the best way to stop him.