Hollywood attacks conservatives. Again. Of course, Hollywood has always promoted a culture that is anti-conservative. But this time it is personal: Hollywood is attacking you and me.

FX Network has announced a new nine-part drama based on the life of Phyllis Schlafly and starring Cate Blanchett. Do you think that they will tell the true story of Phyllis Schlafly? Or will they spin lies about her?

As the daughter of Phyllis Schlafly, I know — personally — that an attack on my Mother is an attack on every single supporter of Phyllis Schlafly. Hollywood wants to marginalize you by attacking you and your values.

What did my Mother, Phyllis Schlafly do? She inspired women. She spoke to women. Women followed her and loved her because she represented the life that many women want: family first. Phyllis Schlafly spent her life demanding that others should value the essential role of wives and mothers.

Would you please help Eagle Forum defend our founder against this terrible attack by Hollywood? We need your support. We must get the truth out. We cannot allow Hollywood to rewrite our history, because the history of Phyllis Schlafly is the history of American women. Phyllis Schlafly is the history of Eagle Forum. Phyllis Schlafly is the history of every Eagle and admirer of her vision. Phyllis Schlafly is the history of any woman who cares about her family and our country.

Hollywood wants to distort her life story in order to sell feminism to those who did not know Phyllis Schlafly. We know her true story and we should not let Hollywood spread falsehoods. My mother had a wonderful life and we should celebrate her brilliant accomplishments. Phyllis Schlafly made a positive difference.

Phyllis Schlafly articulated and fought for our beliefs. Her integrity was unassailable. Now is the time for us to fight for her wonderful legacy. We should not let the Left change what we know to be true.

Eagle Forum needs your help in this fight to tell the truth. Please contribute generously so we can produce videos of the many women volunteers who worked with Phyllis Schlafly. We must tell her story with a true documentary. That takes money!

Eagle Forum educates young women on how feminism destroys lives. The Left is pushing hard to put the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” into the U.S. Constitution. Please donate so we can stop this bad law which will actually harm women. Eagle Forum has formed “Not in this Era Task Force” to educate the young generation about the dangers of the ERA. Please generously contribute to enable us to continue Phyllis Schlafly’s legacy by producing brochures and mailings that will stop this bad amendment.

Most importantly, I urge you — a friend of Eagle Forum — to tell your inspirational story of Phyllis Schlafly to your children and grandchildren. We cannot let Hollywood rewrite our truth.

Our children and grandchildren are worthy of our best efforts to protect and defend them. Thank you so much for your most generous contribution. May your New Year be blessed beyond measure!

God bless you,
Anne Schlafly Cori
Chairman, Eagle Forum

Help Eagle Forum tell the truth about Phyllis’ life!


I demand that FX Network tells the Truth about Phyllis Schlafly. I want Hollywood to stop attacking women!

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