May 17, 2018
Stand Strong for Women and Stop ERA

The ERA passed out of the Illinois House Human Services committee yesterday by a committee vote of 7-5 along party lines and is now available for a vote by the Illinois House.  The good news is that the sponsor did not have the votes yesterday to bring it up for a vote in the House.  However, the supporters of the ERA are continuing to put lots of pressure on the legislators to change their votes through phone calls and emails. They are even using a national phone banking system to encourage people within target districts to call their legislators.

We can support our legislators by countering this pressure with our own phone calls and emails.  We have many principled, conscientious legislators who understand the ERA will harm women, the unborn child, and our society.  Please reach out to them and let them know you support them and are continuing to encourage them to vote no on the ERA.  Please also pass this on to others who will help contact our legislators.  (More information below regarding the ERA and to help with contacting legislators)

Thanks for all you do!  Your voices really do matter in Springfield.  And remember, we are not in this battle alone!

Regards –
Elise Bouc
847-707-1217 cell

More information about the ERA can be found at, and

To contact your legislators:

Click on the IFI link below, and then click on the gray “officials finder” button on the right hand side (scroll down to middle page).  Type in your zip code, then follow the directions from there.  You’ll be given a list of your elected officials.  Your state senator and state representative are listed at the bottom of the list.  Click on their name and you’ll be given their contact information with phone numbers and email.  You can call their district phone and their Capitol phone as well as email them.