May 29, 2018

Don’t let the Illinois House pass a bad bill at the end of their session. With your help, we can STOP ERA. The Equal Rights Amendment would harm women. ERA does not even mention “women” and ERA demands strict equality on “sex”. Sex is both a noun and a verb with multiple definitions.

Tell your Illinois Representative what WOMEN would lose under the ERA:

  • Loss of Privacy, including in prisons, schools, athletics, and any public place
  • Loss of Legal Protections on Sex Crimes and Sex Trafficking
  • Loss of Workplace Accommodations for Pregnant and Breast-Feeding Mothers
  • Loss of Set-Asides for Female-Owned Businesses
  • Loss of Public Assistance Programs such as WIC
  • Loss of Exemption from Military Draft and Combat

ERA has NO exceptions and mandates that the Federal Government must eliminate ALL sex-based differences. Under ERA, abortions will be paid by taxpayers.

ERA will not give women any benefits. Women will not get a pay raise nor will ERA stop sexual harassment.

Contact your state representative to Vote NO