Time to End Common Core

January 17, 2017
Donald Trump campaigned against Common Core; the Department of Education should end Common Core. Hold Betsy DeVos accountable to Trump’s pledge!
Karen R. Effrem, MD, president, Education Liberty Watch writes:
Some states, like New Hampshire and Georgia, that had accountability directly to parents scored A+ grades on School Choice Freedom Grading Scale, while other states, like Indiana and Louisiana, that imposed the state standardized tests on private schools received failing grades.

The ever brilliant education analyst and conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly understood the dangers of both Common Core and the so-called school choice plans that threaten private school autonomy. She wrote these insightful words in a 2012 column, titled Like ObamaCare, Obama Core Is Another Power Grab:
The Obama Core advocates are even planning to impose their standards on private schools. As the school choice movement grows, the attempt will be made to force any private or charter school that accepts public funds to adopt Common Core standards and have their students take the national tests.