November 20, 2017

Texas Eagle Forum President Trayce Bradford just returned from Washington, D.C. after attending an event to celebrate Texas Senator Ted Cruz as the recipient of the Keeper of the Flame award given by Center For Security Policy! The room was full of patriots and servicemen and women that we so value!

Along the way, there were Patriot Awards given to Texans that CSP chose to honor. It was a real joy to be up there with folks like Debbie Georgatos, Kevin Freeman, Bob Hall and John Guandolo! (For TEF it was supporting a number of bills that passed this session that we helped work, ALAC, AntiBDS as well as putting an end to Texas investing state monies or holding co tracts with companies that are support countries that are blatant state sponsors of terrorism. We also helped champion strong legislation to fight human trafficking.) Team Leach and Christopher Holton are co-owners of this award!