February 17, 2017

NEVADA – Nevada’s Legislature began this week and so Eagle State Leader of Nevada, Janine Hansen has moved from Elko to the state capitol, Carson City, which is about 325 miles from her home. She drives home on weekends.

Both Senate and Assembly are controlled by Democrats and there are several bills of concern including Open Primaries which is similar to California’s law and will decimate the Republican Party. This was introduced by a Republican. Janine spoke with Saul Anuzis from Michigan who is the national lobbyist for National Popular Vote Compact. He was lobbying Republicans and Democrats in Nevada.

The Equal Rights Amendment has been introduced, Planned Parenthood has a sex education bill, another bill to negate our Constitutional Amendment for marriage between a man and a woman, and a bill to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day.

Lynn Chapman, Nevada Eagle Forum State Vice President, will be lobbying with Janine.  “We hope to have some positive reports in the future,” Janine, concluded.