February 17, 2017

CALIFORNIA – Orlean Koehle wrote to report that Sanctuary Cities and Counties are now called “Indivisible” in California:

In Orlean’s liberal city of Santa Rosa, as well as the county of Sonoma through resolutions that were unanimously passed by the City Council and Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Feb. 7, have declared themselves as essentially “sanctuary,” or refuge places of safety for all of her residents. This especially is for those who are illegal aliens, which they call “undocumented workers,” which then makes the city or county not only a magnet for illegal migrants but also illegal felons and criminals.

Both the Board of Supervisors and the City Council, however, have chosen to use a different name instead of sanctuary. They call it an “indivisible” county and city. To those in the audience listening, it appeared like “indivisible” was a unique and original idea of what to call their new places of refuge, but, later on the radio we learned that “indivisible” is the new name many cities and counties are using. “Does this sound like this might have been something that was not original or spontaneous, but was actually orchestrated?” she asked. “Do they think by giving it a new name, they can avoid the penalty that President Trump has threatened to withdraw federal funds from all sanctuary cities and counties?”

Those who spoke out against this and tried to remind the City Council of their oath of office to the Constitution to protect their “citizens” and uphold the rule of law were hissed at (the new form of booing) by many in the audience of over 200 people. The 60 people who spoke in favor of the resolution mainly consisted of illegal aliens, parents and children, teachers, social workers, union members, and legal organizations supporting the illegals. Several spoke in Spanish and had to have an interpreter translate for the audience. One Eagle Forum member, Marge Sorbi, also said a few sentences in Spanish but said since she lives in America, she chooses to speak the language of the nation, English. She was hissed at.

Kate SteinleOrlean and Eagle Forum of California’s Pro-life leader, Jennifer Delaney, both mentioned in their talks what happened in the Sanctuary City of San Francisco, where Kate Steinle, age 32, was shot and killed with a stolen gun by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. He was an illegal immigrant from Mexico who had previously been arrested and deported 5 times, but was back safely living in San Francisco.  Why, because he knew he would be safe there – it has been a sanctuary city for many years. Attached is the written talk that Orlean handed to both the Board of Supervisors as well as the City Council.

The Santa Rosa School District a few weeks ago voted to make their schools “sanctuary,” as did the BART system of transportation in San Francisco. There is also a bill going through the present state legislation, SB 57, that would make the entire State of California a “Sanctuary State.” It will probably pass because of the super majority of democrats in the state legislature. What would that do to the state? It would make the entire state a magnet for drawing in more and more illegal aliens. Orlean stated, “We already are billions of dollars in debt taking care of the illegals we already have – an annual cost of an estimated $25.3 billion or $2,370 per household (as of 2014).  It is probably so much higher now.[i]”

[i] http://www.fairus.org/news/illegal-immigration-costs-california-taxpayers-more-than-25-billion-a-year-finds-fair.