Please vote for Glenn Grothman on Tuesday

August 8, 2014

Dear Friend,

When you go to the polls on Tuesday to vote in Wisconsin’s primary election, we encourage you to cast your ballot for Glenn Grothman to be the Republican nominee for the 6th Congressional District.

Glenn is an excellent state legislator and a true leader of the pro-family cause in Wisconsin. During his terms in the state assembly and currently in the state senate, he has persistently championed commonsense reforms to welfare, the importance of the family, and limited government. His efforts on behalf of Gov. Scott Walker’s public union reforms were vital to their success.

Glenn is also a longtime friend of Eagle Forum. He has spoken at our events and in 2007 received an Eagle Award. We can count on him to stand up for our agenda. Instead of promoting amnesty for lawbreakers, Glenn will demand that we secure our borders. Seeing the damage that Common Core inflicts on our educational system, he will work to roll it back. In Washington, as in Madison, he will fight for the unborn.

By nominating Glenn Grothman, Republicans in the 6th District will have a nominee of principle, integrity, and effectiveness. We hope you will vote for him on Tuesday, August 12.


Phyllis Schlafly