Schlafly Endorses Oberweis for
U.S. Senate in Illinois

CONTACT: Glyn Wright, (202) 544-0353

Washington, D.C. — Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative public policy organization founded by pro-family leader Phyllis Schlafly, is proud to endorse Jim Oberweis for the United States Senate.

“Jim Oberweis would make a great senator,” said Schlafly. “He is always ready to take on the Establishment and provide leadership for the pro-family agenda.”

“Dick Durbin exemplifies all that is wrong in Washington,” added Schlafly. “From taxes to immigration to national security, he supports policies that weaken our country and undermine families struggling to get ahead. It’s clear that his priority is cheerleading for President Obama instead of helping the citizens of Illinois.”

“Jim Oberweis will help solve the problems we face as a country,” continued Schlafly. “He knows that Americans don’t need government to make decisions for them. He will work to restore control of education to parents and local communities, not bureaucrats and special interests. In contrast to Senator Durbin’s pining for open borders, Jim recognizes that amnesty would undermine the rule of law. He stands up for the rights of the unborn.”

“Defeating Dick Durbin would shock liberals everywhere,” concluded Schlafly. “Jim Oberweis can get the job done, and will make Illinois proud in the Senate.”

Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.