October 2014

Dear Friend,

As you know, the fate of the U.S. Senate rests on the shoulders of every Kansas voter. The only way to effectively limit the tyranny of Barack Obama is for Republicans to take the majority in the Senate. We cannot endure another two years of Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the only way to help remove him is to re-elect Senator Pat Roberts.

We know that not every conservative supported Senator Roberts in the primary, but this is another election. Pat Roberts is the only choice for conservatives in Kansas, and even his primary opponent, Dr. Milton Wolf has endorsed him. Senator Roberts has been a consistent voice for the American family, achieving an 86% rating from the American Conservative Union and an 83% rating from The Heritage Foundation. This year, while Republicans averaged 67% on Eagle Forum’s scorecard, Senator Roberts scored 100% on votes ranging from amnesty to the trillion dollar omnibus.

Greg Orman calls himself an independent, but he ran as a Democrat in 2008, donated to Obama for President, and refuses to say which party he will caucus with, if elected. Orman will just be another Obama puppet. We must stop him.

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The future of America depends on the choices made at the ballot box on Tuesday, November 4th. Please vote for Senator Pat Roberts and help us begin to restore the nation Barack Obama and Harry Reid are trying to ruin.


Phyllis Schlafly