Schlafly Endorses Clovis
in Iowa U.S. Senate Primary

CONTACT: Glyn Wright, (202) 544-0353

Washington, D.C. – Eagle Forum PAC, a conservative public policy organization founded by pro-family leader Phyllis Schlafly, is proud to endorse Sam Clovis in the race to represent Iowa in the United States Senate.

“Sam Clovis is a full-spectrum candidate. He knows how important traditional values, a strong national defense, and limited government are to America’s success,” said Schlafly. “He has stood up for these beliefs as a fighter pilot, as a teacher, and as a radio host, and he will continue to do so in the U.S. Senate.”

“Sam has shown an unwavering commitment to our Constitution and founding values, and we can count on him to protect these national treasures against all opponents, foreign and domestic,” added Tammy Kobza, State Director of Iowa Eagle Forum.

“Because of his experiences, Sam understands the threats to our national security and brings to the table a deep and broad understanding of foreign policy,” noted Kobza, “His service in the U.S. Senate will bring to the well of that institution a defense of American liberties and a devotion to the cornerstones of our culture like we have not seen for a long time.”

“Sam is one of those men who come along once in a lifetime, bringing together expertise, conviction, and dedication to telling the truth and defending the timeless principles of our great country,” concluded Schlafly, “We look forward to working with him in the United States Senate.”

Eagle Forum PAC supports candidates who are committed to a conservative philosophy of limited government, national sovereignty and traditional values.