March 12, 2013

Illinois: Tell your Rep. to vote NO on SB-10!

Militant homosexual activists from around the country have descended upon Springfield, Illinois in an attempt to pass Senate Bill 10, which would legalize so-called “same-sex marriage.”  They got their way in the Senate, but are finding that getting the bill through the House is another matter entirely.  Their efforts to hijack marriage have thus far been thwarted by a coalition of pro-family groups, including Eagle Forum of Illinois. After hearing expert testimony that the bill would hurt children and impede religious liberty, SB-10 barely passed through the House Executive Committee.  
Governor Quinn has promised to sign the bill into law, and SB-10 could be called for a full vote on the House floor at any time.  Several legislators remain publicly “undecided” about how they will vote, so party bosses and Hollywood elitists are revving up their efforts to force the redefinition of marriage upon the people of Illinois.  
DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!  Your elected officials in the Illinois House of Representatives need to hear from you! Here is a link that will help you contact your elected representative:
If recent redistricting has left you wondering who your representative is, this interactive map can help you identify your elected officials:
DO NOT WAIT!  Call TODAY, call TOMORROW, and continue calling EVERY DAY until YOUR member of the House of Representatives makes a public commitment to VOTE NO ON SB-10!