Contact your Oklahoma state
representatives immediately — NO on SB 906!

February 13, 2014
We need your help. A dangerous anti-Electoral College bill is pending before the Oklahoma House. It has already passed the state senate. Please call your state representative. Tell him that you are OPPOSED to SB 906, the National Popular Vote legislation.
SB 906 would require Oklahoma to join an interstate compact, as proposed by the National Popular Vote organization. NPV requires Oklahoma to give its presidential electors to the winner of the national popular vote, instead of the winner of Oklahoma’s state vote. If enough states agree to the plan, the Electoral College will be effectively eliminated.
NPV is a bad idea for several reasons:
  • It will undermine the principle of states’ rights.
  • It creates a one-size-fits-all solution; assumes voters virtually alike nationwide.
  • It produces a disproportionate focus on large cities. Do you want your vote driven by NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco? Or even Houston and Dallas?
  • It will create European-style multi-party chaos.
  • NPV allows Presidents to be elected by ANY plurality: 15, 20 or 25 percent of the vote would be enough.
  • NPV has many logistical and legal problems because of its end run around the constitutional amendment process.
  • Fraud is easier under a national direct election than with the Electoral College.
Your state senators have fallen for a media-perpetuated myth that the Electoral College is hurting safe states like Oklahoma. Please check out this series of myths and facts about the Electoral College:
Your phone calls are badly needed! Contact information for Oklahoma legislators can be found here:
NPV has been enacted in 9 states plus D.C. The bill has been supported by legislators who have often spent too little time understanding and researching the logistical ramifications of enacting it. Don’t let Oklahoma become the next state to endorse this crazy idea.
Call your representative TODAY and urge him to vote NO on SB 906. And pass this information on to your friends and neighbors who may help to spread the word about this dangerous legislation.
You can find out who your state representative is here:
More information on the legislation can be found here:
Phyllis Schlafly has also written extensively on the issue and you can find her writings here.
The bill that has been proposed in Oklahoma can be found here:
Thank you for your help!