September 24, 2018

The House will vote on a spending bill this week that will undermine President Trump’s pro-life and border security agendas. During the conferencing of H.R. 6157, the House agreed to take a vote on the Senate’s version of the bill. This version does not defund Planned Parenthood, supports research that justifies sterilizing children suffering from gender dysphoria, and provides no conscience protections for medical professionals who disagree with abortion procedures.

In addition, the bill contains a continuing resolution until December 7 for several departments, including Homeland Security.  This means that there is no additional funding for the border wall which allows more illegal immigrants to pour over our borders in the meantime.  House and Senate Leadership are to blame for not allowing Republicans to have a win on immigration before the November elections, giving voters more reason to stay home.

The safety and integrity of taxpayers is in jeopardy. Your Congressmen have the opportunity to stop this madness!  Tell them to keep the promises they campaigned on!

Call or email your Representatives today to tell them to vote NO on spending bill H.R. 6157!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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