March 29, 2018
While your Representatives are in town, this would be the perfect time to make your voice heard!  Congress just passed the terrible $1.3 trillion Omnibus and did not give you a chance to read it before it went to a vote. Now that we know what was in the over 2,200-page document, we have found a litany of bad provisions. This bill not only wastes our hard-earned money, but it undermines family privacy, autonomy, and safety.
To find your Congressman’s town hall meeting, contact his office

Please use the information below to express your disappointment in person on the passage of this bill and how these measures affect you personally.  

  • The Omnibus funds abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood.  Every year, pro-lifers push for a defund of these atrocious clinics, but they are let down every time.  Planned Parenthood receives about $500 million in taxpayer money every year and this bill continues that funding.
  • The President’s budget proposed a decrease in the government’s data mining arm, the Institute for Education Sciences (IES). Congress did the complete opposite. They increased IES funding by $8 million and added that the funds could be used to link these statewide systems and further develop them. 
  • With the recent talk surrounding guns, Congress caved on allowing funding for invasive mental health measures. Now, $1.1 billion is funding evaluations that have been proven inaccurate. This could subject young students to medications and therapy that will be more harmful than helpful.
  • Congress increased the funding for the failed Head Start program, Preschool Development Grants, and after-school programs.  Liberals have used these programs to waste taxpayer money and indoctrinate children by psychologically profiling them and subjecting them to social-emotional learning. 
  • We can rejoice that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was not part of the budget.  However, the Omnibus allows the Department of Homeland Security to exceed the cap on H-2B Visas by allowing an additional 63,000 low-skilled immigrant workers.  This nearly doubles the entire program and increases the chance of visa overstays. 
  • President Trump asked for $25 billion for border wall funding before the text was released.  Congress stripped that number down to $1.3 billion. To make matters worse, over $2.2 billion was allocated to strengthen the borders of several conflict areas including Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, and countries bordering Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia. Obviously, Congress cares more about the safety of other countries rather than their own nation. 
  • Further expanding the leftist agenda, Congress increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Each received a $3 million bump. This comes after the NEA gave $35,000 in taxpayer money for a publication that exudes anti-straight and anti-white biases
  • The oppressive Johnson Amendment remained intact. This provision bans Pastors, churches, and other non-profit organizations from having a voice on political matters. The Omnibus continues to stifle the free speech of Americans.