April 11, 2018
Act Now to Stop ERA in Illinois House

A huge setback for women’s rights happened today when the Illinois State Senate voted to approve the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. Under its “strict scrutiny standard,” ERA would harm women in multiple ways:

  • ERA would force taxpayer-paid abortions
  • ERA would force women into military combat
  • ERA would force women to register for Selective Service
  • ERA would make female-only prisons and women’s shelters illegal and put women in harm’s way
  • ERA would eliminate all legal accommodations for pregnant women
  • ERA would eliminate the WIC program for women, infants, and children
  • ERA would give special rights to transgendered people
  • ERA would eliminate any law that gives gender protection, such as privacy laws

Nothing in ERA would give women a pay increase or prevent sexual harassers. Instead ERA would negatively impact women when the federal government uses its vast power to make illegal any law that helps women.

The amendment now goes to the Illinois House for a vote.

ERA lost in 1982 for many good reasons. No state should ratify ERA, which is poorly written and would not help women. ERA would not put “women” into the U.S. Constitution; ERA would put “sex” into the Constitution. “Sex” has a lot of definitions besides “gender”; “sex” is both a noun and a verb.

For more information:

Elise Bouc: ebouc7@gmail.com
Janine Hansen: director@nevadafamilies.org
Anne Schlafly Cori: annecori@swbell.net

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