Saving Marriage — We MUST ACT NOW!

 June 8, 2015

Marriage laws in every state could be struck down the end of this month by the U.S. Supreme Court. We MUST ACT NOW to save the sacred institution of marriage before judicial supremacists strike a fatal blow.

Traditional MarriageThe Texas legislature can pass a bill that would give the Texas Attorney General a measure to DEFEND traditional marriage between one man and one woman that could impact every state’s marriage laws.

YOU can help! We MUST ACT NOW! Join Texans by asking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to call a special session of the legislature to defend the Texas Marriage Amendment in its Constitution.

Watch the video: Gov. Abbott Call for Special Session

Several months ago, Chief Justice Roy Moore courageously took action to save marriage in Alabama, and liberals were speechless in response.  Liberals want to pretend that there is no opposition to same-sex marriage anymore.  Liberals want the upcoming Supreme Court decision, which is expected to be a 5-4 decision creating a new constitutional right to same-sex marriage, to be the last word.

But just as Roe v. Wade was not the last word on abortion, the upcoming Supreme Court decision on marriage will not be the last word.

We need YOUR help! Texas is big and conservative enough to defend traditional marriage against the imminent judicial supremacy.

YOU can make a difference! The Texas legislature MUST pass a provision to prevent the immediate issuance of same-sex marriage licenses later this month. Then other states could follow the lead of Texas by standing up against judicial supremacy against traditional marriage.

It took a national effort to elect Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts in 2010 to halt the liberal agenda of Obama in the U.S. Senate.  A similar national effort is needed to persuade Texas to hold a special session to halt the momentum of liberals to impose same-sex marriage nationwide.

CALL NOW and ask Gov. Abbott to call a special session to DEFEND MARRIAGE. 512-463-2000 

Please forward this message to others.  Time is short.