Planned Parenthood update:
Another video, Senate fails to defund

August 4, 2015
Senate fails to defund Planned Parenthood

On Monday, the Senate rejected a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. S. 1881 did not reach the 60-vote threshold required to advance the bill, but it did receive support from a majority of Senators. The last time this question came before the Senate, only 42 Senators voted yes, and 5 Republicans joined all Democrats in opposition. Last night, all Republicans except Mark Kirk of Illinois voted yes, and Democrats Joe Donnelly and Joe Manchin joined them.

This morning, the Center for Medical Progress released its fifth video exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood. This video provides still more evidence that this taxpayer-funded organization is engaged in illegal and barbaric practices that yield a profit on the exploitation of women and the butchery of innocent children.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky switched his vote from yes to no in order to bring the bill up at a later date. Please click below to see how your Senators voted, and respond accordingly. We must let the Senate know that as long as Planned Parenthood engages in this war on women and children, it shouldn’t receive a dime of taxpayer funding.

**Please note the Mitch McConnell supports this legislation and only changed his vote from YES to NO because of a procedural rule that will allow him to bring the bill back to the floor for a revote. He should not receive messages intended for Senators who voted NO – please call and ask him to bring the bill up for a revote. 202-224-2541

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