Take Action: Obama Signs Education Bill!

December 10, 2015

After months of secret negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate versions of the education reauthorization to replace the failed No Child Left Behind, President Obama has signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), favored by the education bureaucracy but opposed by many conservatives. President Obama’s quick and willful signature on this education overhaul should only increase skepticism that this bill will meaningfully reduce federal meddling in education.

Conservative goals for education policy are simple: reduce the role of the federal government. Respect the primary role of parents. Protect the privacy of students. ESSA falls short on every one of these issues.

ESSA cuts a few programs but retains many more and even adds a few, such as a pre-K grant now authorized for the first time. Spending levels will increase over the life of this act, and in spite of the outrage from millions of parents, the onerous NCLB testing mandates remain. Washington bureaucrats will still have plenty to do.

Despite popular rhetoric from supporters, this bill does not eliminate Common Core. While it contains more explicit prohibitions on the Secretary of Education, federal law already contained numerous provisions limiting the Secretary and the Department that have been repeatedly defied without consequence. The damage has already been done, and unless states take action, those that have Common Core today will still have it tomorrow.

Phyllis Schlafly and Eagle Forum have fought the progressive education agenda through every iteration for over 40 years. Passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act is an incentive to work even harder for our education agenda. Concerned parents and education activists still have ways to fulfill conservative goals:  Urge states to end their involvement in Common Core. Push Congress to pass laws protecting student privacy and parental rights. Elect a president truly committed to ending the oversized federal role in education.


It is important to encourage those who stood with us and express disappointment with those who betrayed the grassroots by voting for this bill. Please click on the below “Take Action” button and take a moment to thank or reprimand your representative for his or her vote on the Every Student Succeeds Act by email.

Then, please call the following Senators and thank them for standing with the grassroots and voting nay on ESSA.

Senators voting NAY:
Richard Shelby, AL
Jeff Flake, AZ (note: Flake voted nay on final passage but yea on the more important cloture vote.)
Mike Crapo,  ID
Jim Risch, ID
Jerry Moran, KS
Rand Paul, KY
David  Vitter, LA
Roy Blunt, MO
Steve Daines, MT
Ben Sasse, NE
Tim Scott, SC
Mike Lee, UT

Please note that while Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio were absent for the vote on both cloture and final passage, Ted Cruz voted nay on the important cloture vote but was absent for the vote on final passage.

This alert is no longer active.