Victory in the House! Your Calls Made the Difference!

On Thursday evening, the House of Representatives approved the Brooks amendment to the NDAA stripping pro-amnesty language added by Rep. Ruben Gallego. The amendment passed 221-202, with 20 Republicans joining all Democrats in opposing the amendment. Amnesty no longer poses a threat to funding for our troops.

May 14, 2015

Tight budgets at the Department of Defense in recent years have led to a shrinking force and fewer opportunities for Americans to serve. So why are some in Congress using a must-pass bill to enlist illegal aliens?

In the early hours of April 30th, as the House Armed Services Committee marked up the National Defense Authorization Act to fund our military, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) offered an amendment instructing the Secretary of Defense to deem DACA recipients “vital” to our national interest. This move opens the door to enlisting recipients of DACA, one of President Obama’s illegal amnesties.

Unfortunately, the amendment passed the full committee and was supported by Republican Reps. Coffman (CO), Gibson (NY), LoBiondo (NJ), MacArthur (NJ), McSally (AZ), and Zinke (MT) and all of the Democrats that were in attendance. By forcing a controversial and unrelated provision into the NDAA, the entire bill’s fate is in jeopardy. Furthermore, the House of Representatives has voted several times to defund DACA, but this amendment effectively endorses the amnesty.

Illegal aliens should not take the place of qualified Americans wanting to serve their country, and amnesty has no place in the NDAA. Fortunately, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has offered an amendment to remove Gallego’s language from the NDAA when the full House takes up the bill.

Call your representative today. Tell him or her to vote YES on the Brooks amendment and stop an essential bill to fund our troops from being used to force amnesty through Congress. If the Brooks amendment fails, unfortunately, we recommend a NO vote on the entire bill.

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