12-16-15 Please Call: Congress to Pay for Obama’s Agenda!
12-10-15 Take Action: Obama Signs Education Bill!
11-30-15 Call Congress: Vote NO on the Every Student Succeeds Act!
11-19-15 REFUGEES: House passes WEAK bill – More action needed!
10-27-15 CALL: NO to Obama-Boehner Budget Deal!
10-22-15 PLS CALL: NO to Paul Ryan for Speaker!
9-29-15 PLS CALL: Congressional Hearing & PP activists descend on Capitol Hill
9-23-15 Senate Vote on Planned Parenthood – please call!
9-16-15 Call Now: Stop Funding Planned Parenthood!
9-03-15 WATCH: FNC hour-long report on Planned Parenthood, Friday, 10 p.m. EST
8-28-15 Have you seen the Planned Parenthood videos?
8-27-15 Congress’s September “To Do List”
8-06-15 Congress’s August Recess: Take Action!
8-04-15 Planned Parenthood update: Another video, Senate fails to defund
7-30-15 Tell the Senate to Defund Planned Parenthood
7-13-15 Call Senators Now: No More Federal Intervention in Education
7-01-15 Call Your Senators: Vote No on S. 1177
6-18-15 House passes TPA… again! Call Senate: NO on TPA
6-17-15 Please Call: House to Vote on TPA AGAIN!
6-12-15 TAA Fails – TPA Passes
6-10-15 Fast Track: Don’t Give Up Our Sovereignty!
6-08-15 Call Your Congressman: NO on Fast-Track!
6-02-15 House Calls Needed: NO on TPA!
5-23-15 Fast Track Passes Senate
5-14-15 Call Your Representative: No Amnesty in NDAA!
5-06-15 URGENT: Tell Your Senator to Stop ObamaTrade!
5-04-15 TAKE ACTION! Sen. Sessions Warns Congress on Fast Track
4-27-15 PLEASE CALL: GOP to give Obama MORE power!
4-21-15 Tell Congress: Don’t Put Obama’s Trade Deal on “Fast Track”
4-06-15 Please Call D.C.: Need cosponsors for anti-amnesty resolution!
2-24-15 CALL NOW! Senate GOP Leaders Caving!
2-16-15 Senators are home – need your calls!
2-04-15 Help stop amnesty! LIGHT-UP THE PHONE LINES!
2-03-15 URGENT UPDATE: STOP AMNESTY – keep calling Senate!
2-03-15 URGENT: Call Senate NOW – don’t fund amnesty!
1-30-15 Call Senate NOW – don’t fund illegal amnesty!
1-16-15 Support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
1-13-15 Vote on Obama’s Amnesty Wed. Morning!