December 2, 2014

Stop ERA!Supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) are hoping to bring the ERA up for a vote in the Illinois House this Wednesday if they can gather enough votes. They are busy calling the Representatives in hopes of turning their votes. We must make our voices heard again by calling our Representatives and reminding them that the ERA is harmful to women, their children and our society.

Even if you have called before, please take a moment to call both the district office and the Springfield office, and send an email too to urge your Illinois State Representative to vote no on the ERA (Bill # SJRCA75). If we are silent, our legislators will think we no longer care. Please let them know you care. Also, please pass this on to others who will help. We are not alone in our efforts!

Thanks for all you continue to do! I’ve included contact information for your representatives below. You can find more information on the ERA at the links below as well.

Best regards –
Elise Bouc

Contact Information for your Illinois state representative:
Click on the following link:
Input your zip code and then address. Click on your representative’s name at the very bottom of the list under “state officials.” Call both the local district office and the Springfield office. Either office can also give you the email address, or you can find the email address on their website.

Information on ERA: