August 15, 2014

While the House of Representatives has tried to clean up the mess created by the Administration’s non-enforcement immigration policies, President Obama and his friends in the Senate are refusing to debate the border crisis through an open process. Instead, they are busy plotting the best way to circumvent Congress by giving an executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

As we have told you, through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, President Obama has already taken deportations off the table for thousands of illegals and instead granted them work permits. Now he is considering extending the program to millions more. Such a display of lawlessness in the middle of our border crisis makes a mockery of the president’s oath of office and betrays the millions of Americans that are out of work or underemployed.

The President is responsible for the national security and humanitarian crisis on our border, and the Senate should take up the House-passed anti-DACA bill that blocks the use of taxpayer money to expand or continue the DACA program.

Senator Jeff Sessions has called on the American people to melt the phone lines in the Senate demanding that Harry Reid call a vote on the House bills. As Breitbart news has reported, Jeff Sessions is no longer alone as many Republicans and even some Democrats are taking on his tone and questioning the President’s actions. These Members of the Senate must be pushed to act!

As Sen. Sessions said:

It is true that Majority Leader Reid is blocking it from a vote. But Reid acts only with the blessing of his members in the Democrat conference –┬áso the American people have the power to force it to a vote through their elected senators.


Call and email your Senator NOW, and urge him or her to push Harry Reid for a vote on the House-passed DACA bill!

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