12-13-14 House Funds Amnesty – Call Senators NOW!
12-11-14 Call Congress NOW: NO on CRomnibus
12-05-14 ACTION: What Does Pete Sessions Really Think?
12-04-14 Boehner To Use Democrats to Fund Amnesty!
12-03-14 URGENT: Tell Congress – Defund Amnesty NOW!
12-02-14 ILLINOIS: Please call again – House to vote on ERA this Wednesday
12-01-14 Urgent Message to Illinois Friends from Phyllis Schlafly
11-20-14 URGENT ACTION: Stop Obama’s Executive Fiat!
11-14-14 Stop Congress from Enabling Obama!
10-31-14 Share our ad! Braley: An Obama Puppet
10-31-14 Share our ad! The Senate Hangs in the Balance
10-30-14 Every Vote Counts!
9-29-14 Tell Congress to Stand Up Against Obama’s Executive Amnesty
8-15-14 Force Harry Reid to Act – End DACA!
7-28-14 Tell Congress – Obama Must Enforce the Law!
7-18-14 Tell the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – NO on Giving the UN More Power
7-15-14 Common Core: Victory in Oklahoma!
7-14-14 Tell the Senate: Leave Hobby Lobby Alone!
7-08-14 Obama Requests $3.7 BILLION in Emergency Funding
6-30-14 Supreme Court Update
6-13-14 New Jersey: Tell the General Assembly – Say NO to the UN’s Power Grab!
6-06-14 PETITION: Obamacare is Killing America!
6-02-14 The Left’s Attempt to Repeal the First Amendment
5-24-14 Ending Common Core – Please take action!
5-27-14 End Common Core in OK NOW – please help!
5-24-14 Urgent Message to Illinois Friends from Phyllis Schlafly
5-21-14 URGENT: Need Calls to Stop Barron!
5-16-14 Urgent: Reid Files Cloture – Call Now!
5-12-14 Call Senators Now – No on Barron!
5-06-14 Tell Governor Fallin: End NGA Support for Common Core
5-05-14 Call Your Representatives – No Women’s Museum on the Mall
5-01-14 Keep Amnesty Out of Military Funding!
4-25-14 URGENT: CALLS NEEDED – Stop Friedland!
4-22-14 Stop Amnesty for Enlistees!
4-15-14 Emergency Alert: AZ protect Right to Keep & Bear Arms!
4-09-14 URGENT: CALL SENATORS NOW — NO on Friedland!
4-08-14 ALASKA: SJR 18 Puts Right to Keep & Bear Arms at Risk
4-04-14 Tell Your Senators — Vote NO on the Paycheck Fairness Act
3-31-14 Florida: HM 381 Puts Constitution At Risk
3-25-14 Religious Freedom: Oral Arguments TODAY in SCOTUS
3-24-14 Alaska: HJR 22 Puts Constitution At Risk
3-11-14 Stop the Imperial Presidency!
3-11-14 ARIZONA: Vote Tomorrow — Contact State Reps
3-04-14 GEORGIA: URGENT Calls needed — YES to House Ed on SB 167
3-03-14 MISSISSIPPI: Common Core – Urgent: Need Calls & Emails NOW!
3-03-14 KANSAS: Support HB 2621 in the House Education Committee
2-27-14 OKLAHOMA: Contact your Oklahoma State Representatives Immediately — NO HJR 1083
2-17-14 WYOMING: Common Core Calls Needed Today!
2-15-14 KANSAS: Tell House Ed Committee to vote YES on HB 2621
2-13-14 Oklahoma: Contact your Oklahoma state representatives immediately — NO on SB 906!
2-13-14 Michigan Emergency Alert: Call Now on Article V Con Con
2-12-14 Michigan: Con Con hearing Thursday 9 a.m. Michigan House
2-11-14 GEORGIA: Emergency Alert Con Con Today 2 p.m.
2-10-14 ARIZONA: Con Con Vote Tuesday. We need people to testify!
2-07-14 INDIANA: Tell your Senators — Vote Yes on the Original Language of HJR-3
2-05-14 Tell Harrisburg: Support Paycheck Protection!
2-04-14 Michigan: Vote No on HJR CC
2-03-14 Arizona: Article V Bills (Con Con) Hearing on Feb. 4th
1-30-14 MISSISSIPPI: Help us defeat the Common Core!
1-21-14 WISCONSIN: Tell Gov. Walker to Stand AGAINST Common Core!
1-13-14 KANSAS: Please Exit the Common Core Now!