Big Business is Lobbying for Amnesty.
Is Your Voice Being Heard?

April 16, 2013

The so-called Gang of 8 Senators who have been working out a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill behind closed doors is set to unveil their plan at any moment.  

Eagle Forum can report that corporations are tripping over each other on Capitol Hill advocating for amnesty and its promises of cheap labor.  Politicians eager to please corporations and to win votes claim that the Gang of 8’s bill is necessary because America is facing a labor shortage.

We need you to tell your Senators the truth!  America does not have a labor shortage, we have a jobs shortage! 

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was right when he declared:

“The comprehensive immigration bill being drafted right now would provide nearly immediate work authorization to millions of illegal immigrants while substantially increasing the future flow of workers.”

“Our first priority must be to help American citizens, and current legal immigrants, find good employment.” The alternative, Sessions argued, would be a system in which “a large and growing share of our population is permanently unemployed while jobs are filled by a constant supply of foreign workers.”

Take Action!

We need you to be sure your voice is being heard.  Call your Senators today at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote NO on the Gang of 8 bill!

Tell them to stop trying to buy votes and curry favor with corporations and to fix the real problem! 

Tell them you expect them to secure the borders, put Americans back to work and fix our economy by repealing ObamaCare and other burdensome regulations. 

Also, we need to fight back against the lie that the American people are demanding amnesty.

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ask Congress NOT to vote for Amnesty.

Vote NO on Amnesty

I urge you to take a stand against amnesty and ensure that any effort toward immigration reform starts with securing the borders. A recent Rasmussen Poll noted that even among amnesty supporters, 64% believe that the U.S. must secure its borders.

Amnesty is not fiscally sustainable. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation released an exhaustive analysis indicating that the cost of amnesty would exceed $2 trillion back in 2007 — and that was before ObamaCare! We need you to protect the American dream for all!

The American people deserve openness and transparency from their legislators. We urge you to take a stand against broad, sweeping legislation worked out in back rooms behind closed doors.

I will be watching your votes and will tell my friends and neighbors how you vote.