August Recess Update: Action Needed!

August 27, 2013

August recess is in full swing, and your legislators are in their home districts. We need to keep up the pressure on them to defund ObamaCare and to stop amnesty.

Defund ObamaCare!

As we explained in this recent alert, time is running out on efforts to stop ObamaCare. On October 1, 2013, open enrollment begins for the law’s massive new entitlements, including the new subsidized exchanges and Medicaid expansion. Once those kick in, it will be nearly impossible to undo ObamaCare. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are leading an effort to defund ObamaCare in the Senate.

Yesterday, North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows sent this letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor urging defunding of ObamaCare through the upcoming Continuing Resolution. Here is a list of the 79 Members of Congress who joined Mr. Meadows in this appeal to leadership. If your Member is listed, please call, email or stop by the district office to say “thank you!” If your Member is not listed, please urge him or her to sign on right away.

Stop Amnesty!

As this article explains, the Senate Gang of Eight amnesty bill is unconstitutional, but any House bills dealing with amnesty could validate it. Harry Reid is refusing to send the bill to the House of Representatives, because he knows it will be “blue slipped,” or invalidated because it is unconstitutional. 

As long as the bill has not been blue slipped, it remains active. That means that ANY bill the House passes dealing with immigration, even a good “enforcement-first” bill, will result in a conference committee with the Senate bill. The result will be that we will be stuck with some form of amnesty. Pro-amnesty advocates in the House of Representatives like Paul Ryan are eager to pass any immigration bill just so the bill can get to conference.  

We need you to tell your Members NO IMMIGRATION BILLS until the Senate bill has been blue slipped. Until the Senate bill has been invalidated, a vote for ANY immigration bill is a vote for amnesty.

Take Action

The pro-amnesty crowd claims that the American people want amnesty since they are not seeing the intense opposition they saw in 2007

People seem to be more concerned about ObamaCare, and there is a perception that amnesty is not a concern because Speaker Boehner declared that he will not take up the Senate bill. 

We need you to let your Members know that you want ObamaCare defunded, and that you do not want amnesty. Your Representatives need to know that you see through the back-room deals and procedural tricks and that you will consider a vote for any immigration bill a vote for amnesty.

Defund ObamaCare!

I am writing to encourage you to defund ObamaCare in the upcoming CR.

The American people know that ObamaCare will have disastrous effects on businesses, families, and our economy.

Please vote NO on ANY bill dealing with the immigration issue until the Senate amnesty bill has been blue slipped.