May 21, 2012

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OPPOSE HB 7388: “The Plan to Steal Presidential Elections”
So-called National Popular Vote
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VOTE in the full House is now set for Tuesday, May 22, after 4pm, after being postponed.
MESSAGE: Vote No on HB 7388 the National Popular Vote or the plan to steal Presidential Elections. This will make small population states like Rhode Island meaningless zeros in Presidential Elections.
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Representative Anastasia P. Williams     (401) 272-8135
Representative Grace Diaz     (401) 467-8413
Representative Nicholas A. Mattiello   (401) 461-5800
Representative Stephen R. Ucci     (401) 934-2121
Representative Deborah A. Fellela     (401) 231-2014
Representative Thomas Winfield   (401) 949-3356
Representative Agostinho F. Silva   (401) 728-5473
Representative William San Bento, Jr.   (401) 727-0276
Representative Helio Melo     (401) 222-8028
Representative Joy Hearn   (401) 247-9867
Representative Jan P. Malik   (401) 247-1271
Representative Peter Martin     (401) 924-2402
Representative Michael A. Tarro     (401) 272-8300
Representative Jared R. Nunes   (401) 573-9698
Representative Jeremiah T. O’Grady   (401) 725-7163
Representative James N. McLaughlin   (401) 333-4946
Representative Donna M. Walsh     (401) 364-6433
Representative Leo Medina   n/a
Representative Larry Valencia   (401) 539-3420
Representative Patricia A. Serpa   (401) 828-5687
Representative Maria E. Cimini     (401) 421-1404
Representative Raymond H. Johnston Jr.   (401) 288-7248
Representative Richard P. Morrison   (401) 253-7845

Go here to find your Representative:
HB 7388 does away with the founder’s Constitutional protection of the Electoral College in the selection of the President by circumventing the Constitution. When a state joins the National Popular Vote Agreement (NPV), it does not matter who the people in the state vote for, their state’s electors will be forced to vote for the presidential candidate who has been ”designated” as the national popular vote winner. Essentially, it is a vote stealing scheme. See article below. The winner does not have to have a majority but just a simple “‘plurality,” which could be as low as 15-30%. This will make small population states like Rhode Island, meaningless ZEROs in Presidential Elections.

We are in great danger of HB 7388 passing in Rhode Island.  Currently, a majority of the Senate and a majority of the House have agreed to be listed as sponsors on this legislation. It is important to make your voice heard before this dangerous bill becomes law.
Phyllis Schlafly column, National Popular Vote Is a Bad Idea: