March 15, 2017

Information from Rebecca Segal
New Mexico passes rescission of all prior Article V Con Con’s including BBA!
Why Article V Rescission Resolutions are Critically Important
By Janine Hansen, National Eagle Forum Constitutional Issues Chairman
Balanced Budget Amendment Article V applications passed in 32 states during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. The BBA nearly succeeded in achieving the needed 34 states for an Article V Convention. Our strategy became one of the rescissions. We began efforts to rescind in many states, rescinding in state after state until we rescinded the Article V BBA in 16 states. That ended their nearly successful drive for an Article V Convention and stopped their efforts for more than a decade.
We must implement this Rescission Strategy again if we are to successfully stop the multiple efforts for an Article V Convention including Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA), Convention of States, Compact for Balanced Budget Amendment, the Article V to overturn Citizens United, and others.
In 2016 Delaware passed a Resolution Rescinding all previous Article V Applications which helped to stop the momentum of the BBA which now has 28 instead of 29 states.  Copies of Delaware’s Resolution and a sample rescission resolution from Alabama are available.
If your state is targeted for passage or has passed an application for an Article V Convention, it would be strategically useful if you would find a sponsor to introduce a Resolution to rescind all previous applications for an Article V in your state
Resolutions to Rescind have several strategic advantages even if you don’t succeed in getting the resolution passed. 
Resolutions to Rescind: 
  • Put you on the offensive.
  • Create an excellent opportunity for educating Legislators on why an Article V is so harmful.
  • Force the Article V proponents to use resources, money, staff, volunteers, etc. to oppose the resolution to rescind. 
  • Force Article V proponents to take time and resources away from passing their Article V to oppose your Resolution.
  • Provide Legislators with an alternate resolution to support.
  • And most importantly, your state may pass, like Delaware did in 2016, a Resolution to Rescind all Previous Article V Applications.
  • A Rescission in any state will help to stop the momentum of Article V’s in other states and around the country.
THIS IS HOW WE STOPPED THE ARTICLE V BBA IN THE 1980’s and 1990’s. This is how we can do it again!