Join the Fight Against Amnesty

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April 23, 2013   As you know, the immigration debate in Washington is in full swing. We know you are being inundated with information that is most likely hard to sift through, understand, and discern.   For your convenience, we … Continue reading

Fight Amnesty Now!

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Fight Amnesty Now! Call your Senators While they are Home! March 26, 2013 Harry Reid announced that the Senate will start debating immigration legislation after Easter, when it returns to Washington on April 6th. Senators are in their home states … Continue reading

Wisconsin: Calls Needed to Oppose Common Core

Wisconsin: Calls Needed to Oppose “Common Core” March 26, 2013   Dear Wisconsin Friend,   Our representatives in Madison need to hear your concerns about nationalizing education standards in the United States by states adopting the “Common Core” standards. We … Continue reading

Illinois: Tell your Rep. to vote NO on SB-10!

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March 12, 2013 Illinois: Tell your Rep. to vote NO on SB-10! Militant homosexual activists from around the country have descended upon Springfield, Illinois in an attempt to pass Senate Bill 10, which would legalize so-called “same-sex marriage.”  They got … Continue reading

Block Hagel!

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February 25, 2013 Attention Alabama Friends:   As you might have read, Senator Richard Shelby announced last week that he will vote to confirm former Senator Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. We need you to call his office and … Continue reading

2013 Eagle Forum ALERTS

Legislative Alerts

12-06-13 New Threat of Constitutional Convention 12-04-13 Call Your Rep. NOW: NO on HR 3309! 11-22-13 Reid Detonates Nuclear Option 11-12-13 Eagle Forum on Fox News – Defeat Common Core! 11-04-13 Call Your Senators: Stop ENDA! 10-25-13 Ground Zero: Virginia … Continue reading

ObamaCare Repeal Vote This Week!

ObamaCare Repeal Vote This Week! July 10, 2012 Conservatives in the House of Representatives are making good on their promise to keep fighting to repeal ObamaCare.  A repeal vote is expected as early as tomorrow. This will be the 31st … Continue reading