June 7, 2017

Seal of MissouriLAKE SAINT LOUIS – “I applaud today’s decision by Governor Greitens to call the General Assembly back for a Special Session on the issues of free speech and the health and safety of women. I know the Governor weighs very carefully the decision to call the General Assembly back to special session. But I believe that no greater issue fits the category of extraordinary than the safety of Missourians and the protection of life and the protection of our fundamental rights as Americans.

“The overreach by an activist federal judge and the Board of Aldermen in the City of St. Louis raises this issue to the need for immediate action by the General Assembly. Judge Howard Sachs’ decision to abolish common sense regulatory standards — that are required in other medical facilities in Missouri — puts the health of women in serious danger. These same facilities have failed to follow a 38-year-old statute to report complications. Additionally, the new St. Louis ‘abortion sanctuary city’ law treads directly on our religious and First Amendment freedoms.  

“I look forward to working closely with my colleagues in the General Assembly to lead the charge to fix the overreach of Judge Sachs and the City of St. Louis.”