August 10, 2017

Colorado tries to fight homeless problem that may have been triggered by pot. Fox News’ Alicia Cuna reports…  
The City of Denver is grappling with a growing homeless problem, and some people blame marijuana legalization for attracting a growing number of drug users now living on the street. 
In Florida, the Seminole Indians are getting involved in the marijuana industry, too. The following article was sent by Pat Andrews, president of Florida Eagle Forum. 
Former Seminole Chief James Billie led the Florida Seminole Tribe when it challenged the U.S. Supreme Court over gambling on tribal lands. The legal victory helped kick start a gambling industry now estimated at more than $33 billion. Now James Billie wants to do for marijuana what the tribes achieved for gambling, aiming to make tribal producers the source for marijuana in a growing number of states that have legalized the recreational and medical use of the drug. 
Pat’s non-profit has published a booklet compiled by Randy Osborne, Heartland Corporation Research’s education director, explaining the dangerous side-effects of marijuana.

NOTE:  Gayle Ruzicka will lead a breakout during EAGLE COUNCIL XLVI on Saturday evening to discuss the problems with legalized marijuana and what can be done about them.