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Monitoring Law-Abiding Americans
Hiding behind the unprecedented headlines of the last few weeks, "Big Brother" government has been steadily expanding its encroachments on our personal privacy. 12-30-98

The Lesson of Pinochet's Arrest
The British arrest of General Augusto Pinochet provides stunning proof of why the United States should never join the International Criminal Court (ICC). 12-23-98

Impeachment Is A Defining Issue
The upcoming vote in the House of Representatives on a resolution to impeach President Clinton is a defining issue that will be remembered in the 2000 election. 12-14-98

Republicans Must Seize the Health Care Initiative
Republican losses in the recent election are partly attributable to Congress's default on the health care issue. 12-09-98

Media Spin Is Covering Up The Facts
Media spin is disguising and distorting the facts that Americans need to know. Let's puncture some of the spin. 12-02-98

Why Disney Has Clout with the Republican Congress
Do you sometimes wonder why bills that create a financial windfall to narrow special interests slide easily through the intricate legislative process, while bills that benefit the general public seem to get bogged down? 11-25-98

Republicans Should Put on a Happy Face
Republicans should look at the cheerful side of the 1998 election. It was really a great victory because it has enabled Republican Members of Congress to dump their so-called "leadership" that has been floundering with one failed strategy after another ever since becoming the majority in 1995. 11-18-98

ABM Should Be Republicans' Unifying Issue
Now that the hyperbole of the political campaign is behind us, the Republican Congress should buckle down to the business of doing its constitutional duty to provide for the common defense. 11-11-98

The Costs of Trading in the Global Economy
The radio ads that I heard every morning during most of the Clinton years urging me to invest in the "global economy" have disappeared from the airwaves. It's now clear that "global economy" is a euphemism for transferring American tax dollars and jobs to the Third World. 11-04-98

Court Deals Blow to Mandatory College Fees
The decision in Southworth v. Grebe, handed down recently by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, didn't make it onto national television, but it can have a profound effect on American culture and politics.10-28-98

Compulsory Medical Treatment Is Un-American
Why are American infants and schoolchildren being forced to submit to hepatitis B vaccinations even though the French Health Ministry has stopped giving them because of evidence they can cause neurological disorders and multiple sclerosis?10-21-98

Fed Bailout Requires Full Investigation
At the same time that Bill Clinton and his economic aides are demanding billions more for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Federal Reserve arranged for a $3.65 billion bailout of its friends in an investment group running a ""hedge fund'' in Connecticut. The Republican Congress should demand the details about this bailout and get the answers to some tough questions.10-14-98

House Passes Dollars to the Classroom Act
Despite distractions, the House has just done something really constructive, and we hope the Senate will follow suit before adjournment. The House passed Rep. Joe Pitts' (R-PA) Dollars to the Classroom Act consolidating 31 federal education programs into a single flexible grant program for states and communities.10-07-98

Some People Don't Care about Clinton's Morals
In his struggle to hang on to his failed presidency, Bill Clinton appears only before groups he can count on to shore up his self-esteem by giving him a standing ovation, such as the United Nations General Assembly and the Council on Foreign Relations. They like his policies and just don't care about his morals.9-30-98

Republicans Need to Assert Real Leadership
Mark McGwire's tremendous accomplishment has put baseball back on top as the great American game. Wouldn't it be great if the Republican Congress stepped up to the bat and hit a few home runs?9-16-98

What's Behind AMA Support for Clinton's Health Plan?
Many were surprised when President Clinton went to the offices of the American Medical Association (AMA) to announce his 1998 health care bill, which he calls the Patients' Bill of Rights and which others call the Clinton-Kennedy bill.9-09-98

"Yale Five" Challenge College Coed Dorms
Five Yale University students have had the courage to challenge the rule that requires students to live in coed dormitories, where many engage in casual sex without shame and most use coed showers and toilets. 8-26-98

Congress's Secret Plans to Get Our Medical Records
Americans were outraged to learn about the Federal Government's plans to assign a personal identification number to every medical patient. 8-19-98

Teachers Unions Stay the Course
The good news is, we were saved from the threat of a mega-union running the public schools when delegates to the National Education Association (NEA) convention this summer repudiated their own leadership by voting down a merger with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). 8-12-98

Power Grab by Executive Order
The President who got by with issuing Presidential Decision Directive 25 asserting his authority to assign U.S. troops to serve under foreign commanders -- without any uproar from Congress or the public -- apparently now thinks he can get by with an even bigger grab for power. 8-05-98

The Problems of "Rethinking" the Internet
When asked by reporters whether she favors curbs on the Internet, which has played a key role in breaking the news about the President's scandals, Hillary Rodham Clinton ominously replied: "We are all going to have to rethink how we deal with this, because there are all these competing values." 7-29-98

Feds Grab for Medical Records
One of the major features of Bill and Hillary Clinton's nationalized health care plan, which the public rejected in 1994, was giving the Federal Government a database of every American's medical records. 7-22-98

Monitoring Americans by I.D. and Federal Database
Two of the principal mechanisms by which the rulers of 20th century police states maintained their control over their people were the File and the Internal Passport. . .7-15-98

Consumers Should Hang Up on the Gore Phone Tax
The Conventional Wisdom circulating in Capitol cloakrooms is that Republicans should not move forward on impeachment of Bill Clinton because . . .7-08-98

Calling Activist Judges to the Bar of Public Opinion
Since the Republican Congress has defaulted in its responsibility to use constitutional checks and balances to reign in the imperial judiciary, the Family Research Council sponsored an event at the National Press Club called the Court Jester Awards.7-01-98

Why Is Congress Criminalizing Copyright Law?
A new plan to straitjacket the American public by criminalizing a common American practice is hidden in the WIPO Copyright Treaties Implementation Act. Powerful Hollywood and software corporations that are afraid of losing money from high-tech competition are behind this dramatic change in copyright law.6-24-98

Celebrating the Massacre of Tiananmen Square
President Bill Clinton's projected trip to China later this month, and to Tiananmen Square on the ninth anniversary of the massacre of the students there, will be a national embarrassment. Clinton's trip will pay homage to the Butchers of Beijing who crushed liberty in China and who now have targeted thirteen of their CSS-4 long-range missiles against American cities.6-17-98

The Legacy of Barry Goldwater
It is unlikely that any nominee for President who was not elected ever had the lasting influence on American politics that Barry Goldwater did. Unlike other defeated presidential candidates, he will never be just a footnote in the history books.6-10-98

Holy Smoke! It's a Smokescreen for Bigger Government
Raise taxes on American workers who make little more than $250 a week, and pay billions of dollars to lawyers who make far more than $250 an hour. That's what the tobacco bill will do.6-03-98

The China Connection Is the Real Scandal
Now we know why the Democrats were so vicious in their attacks on Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) and Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN). Theirs were the committees that were closing in on the China connection, the scandal that can bring down the Clinton presidency, the scandal that has made Congressmen start to utter the T word (treason).5-27-98

The Surplus That Politicians Want to Hide
For the fifth straight quarter, the U.S. Treasury opened up its sacks of mail and discovered an unexpected windfall of money. April's surplus is more than three times larger than the Congressional Budget Office and other Congressional forecasters had predicted only a week earlier. 5-20-98

Copyrights vs. The Public Interest
Bill Clinton got a big laugh when he joked at the White House Correspondents' Dinner that the 105th Congress is, like Seinfeld, about "nothing." But that's not true; Congress is trying to pass some very detrimental laws in some areas where we wish it were doing nothing.5-13-98

Timely Advice to College Students
This is the time of year when students are being shocked about the sticker price of college tuition. But there is a lot more than price that they ought to be pondering when they select their college and their courses. Here is some timely advice: . . .5-06-98

Let's Play Twenty Questions about NATO Expansion
The Senate is scheduled to vote this week on the centerpiece of Clinton's global plans, the NATO Expansion Treaty. Because this treaty would control our foreign policy for decades into the future, we are entitled to have the answers to these twenty questions before the vote.4-29-98

Second Thoughts in the House about IMF
In a letter to his colleagues, Majority Leader Dick Armey has just identified what he calls the Clinton Doctrine as the rationale for the Administration's demand that the American taxpayers pony up $18 billion for the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Clinton has already conned the Senate into approving this handout, but Armey and House members are having second thoughts.4-22-98

Lessons from the Paula Jones Case
We may never get satisfactory legal answers, or even political answers, to the many questions raised by the Clinton sex scandals. But we are learning some social and cultural lessons, and they are not pretty.4-15-98

NATO Expansion Is European Welfare
All the arguments that the Republican Congress used in order to pass welfare reform, after President Clinton vetoed it twice, apply just as importantly to the upcoming vote on the NATO Expansion Treaty. This Treaty would continue old-style welfare to foreigners that costs U.S. taxpayers dearly and perpetuates the dependency of the recipients.4-08-98

Will Republicans Give Clinton NATO Victory?
President Bill Clinton made the NATO Expansion Treaty his primary foreign policy objective in his State of the Union Message. It was also an essential (albeit little reported) element of his 1996 campaigning in big cities with large blocs of ethnic voters, such as Detroit.4-01-98

Big Brother Is on the Prowl
Do you worry that Big Brother (a.k.a. the Federal Government) wants to monitor your e-mail, your phone calls, your health and financial records, and your business? You should, and that's why Sen. John Ashcroft's Subcommittee on the Constitution is holding a hearing this week.3-25-98

Adios Bilingual Education!
If trend-setting California passes the English For the Children initiative on June 2, that will be good news for public school children all over the country. This initiative would require that all children in California public schools be taught in English, in English-language classrooms.3-18-98

The Ominous Attack on American Inventors
The high-priced lobbyists for the big multinationals are crawling all over Capitol Hill this month to urge passage of Senator Orrin Hatch's bill, S.507. It is called the Omnibus Patent bill, but it ought to be called the Ominous Patent bill because it would take away the traditional rights of American inventors in order to accommodate the multinationals and their foreign trading partners.3-11-98

Clinton Is Selling Us down the Rivers
Can you believe the chutzpa of Clinton? Without any constitutional or Congressional authority, he is proceeding with a vast plan for the federal bureaucracy to take over our nation's rivers and their adjacent lands.3-04-98

California Heads for Real Campaign Finance Reform
Trend-setting California is about to show us real campaign finance reform. On June 2, Californians will vote on the Campaign Reform Initiative (CRI), also called the Paycheck Protection Plan, which, if passed, will prohibit monies from being automatically taken out of workers' paychecks for political purposes without their written consent.2-25-98

Explaining Clinton's High Poll Numbers
It's obvious from the torrent of news stories and TV talking heads that no one in the media, not even his friends, believes Bill Clinton's denials that he had an improper relationship with Monica Lewinsky.2-18-98

Will We Allow Clinton to Redefine the Presidency?
The current Clinton crisis has significance far beyond his lame-duck years. At stake is whether the White House will become a public relations vehicle for lying and polling, akin to a television show, or will remain a platform for the principled articulation of policies and values that Americans respect.2-11-98

Watch out for Marriage Tax Reform
"The hottest tax cut in 1998" is the way some Congressmen are describing their infatuation with the notion of eliminating the so-called "marriage tax." But taxpayers should beware of the current political passion for targeted tax cuts rather than cutting taxes for all taxpayers.2-04-98

Roe V. Wade at 25
Coincidental with the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a new New York Times/CBS poll shows that, after 30 million abortions, our nation is just as troubled and irreconciled to its decision as ever. The people who pray daily that this divisive issue will go away are just whistling in the wind.1-28-98

At Last Somebody's Talking about Real Tax Cuts
At last somebody in government has stepped out from the crowd and said what Americans have been waiting to hear, namely, that he has a plan to cut and simplify our oppressive tax burden and let us spend our own money any way we want to spend it.1-21-98

What Will Clinton's Legacy Be?
The political pundits and TV talk show personalities have begun talking about a subject they think is in their domain to decide: what President Clinton's legacy will be. Will it be a balanced budget, an expanding economy and stock market, or his ability to finesse scandals and setbacks and score so high in the polls?1-14-98

Congress Should Just Say No to IMF Funding
While most Americans were celebrating Christmas and exchanging gifts with family members, Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin spent Christmas Eve at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York conniving to force the American taxpayers to give gifts of unprecedented magnitude to the big U.S. banks that made foolish loans to corrupt Asian regimes.1-07-98

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