April 7, 2017

Eagle Forum of California welcomes 2nd Generation Eagle David Krive as the new chapter leader for Sacramento!  David is a former Marine and a former Teen Eagle whose parents were the Teen Eagle Leaders for California for a few years. David was also home schooled and is now working with home school youth in Sacramento teaching them debate skills. He works for the State government in their health care program for seniors and he is married to a nice conservative girl named Abby. Please join the Eagle Forum Board in welcoming David Krive, Director of Eagle Forum Sacramento Chapter.  You may connect with David directly at davidkrive@gmail.com.

Also, on April 29, Eagle Forum of California will host its 17th Annual Conference. They will be honoring some special students of the year for their courage, including college student Caleb O’Neil (Bonnie’s grandson) for his boldness on campus and a young homeschooler, Christian Kahn, who has been very courageous speaking out at school board meetings against Common Core. He had also devoted hundreds of hours helping in the presidential election.