December '13 Issue
War on ‘Free Exercise’ of Religion
  • The President Lied to Us
  • Whom Is John Kerry Representing?
  • November '13 Issue
    Does the Republican Party Have a Future?
    October '13 Issue
    Who Disobeys the Law of the Land?
  • Make Electricity Prices Skyrocket
  • Create Jobs for Foreigners, Not Americans
  • Lost Generation Betrayed by Obama
  • September '13 Issue
    Mischief-Making about the Constitution
  • Arguments of Convention Advocates
  • U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger Letter
  • Good Advice Against an Article V Convention
  • August '13 Issue
    ‘Jaw-Dropping Judicial Supremacy’
  • House Amnesty As Bad as Senate Amnesty
  • Lies about Trade Agreements
  • Obama Is Embarrassed by ObamaCare
  • July '13 Issue
    Backlash Against Common Core
    June '13 Issue
    Gang of Eight Betrays Americans
  • The Gang Can’t Defend Its Bill
  • Gang of Eight Increases UNemployment
  • Sessions Speaks Against Amnesty
  • Warning by Four Senators
  • May '13 Issue
    Boston Bombing Should Stop Rush to Amnesty
  • Immigration Not Only a Border Problem
  • Comprehensive Must Include Guestworkers
  • Illegals Bring Drug-Resistant TB
  • April '13 Issue
    Amnesty = Suicide for Republican Party
  • Rules for Addressing Amnesty
  • Hypocrisy of Amnesty Advocates
  • Tremendous Costs of Amnesty
  • Autopsy for the Republican Party?
  • Battle for Control of the Republican Party
  • March '13 Issue
    Who Is Waging War On Women?
  • Suggestions for Defense Department sequestration cuts
  • Reasons why women-in-combat diversity will degrade Tough Training Standards
  • Glossary of Terms of the Debate
  • February '13 Issue
    Some of Obama’s Defense Policy Mistakes
  • Sending Women into Combat
  • Obama Wants Global Nuclear Zero
  • Obama’s Giveaway to the Communists
  • Free Trade Cheats Americans
  • January '13 Issue
    New Obama Initiatives to Watch Out For
  • North Korea Gives Us a Wakeup Call
  • The UN Wants to Tax Individuals
  • ObamaCore A Power Grab Like ObamaCare
  • Why Did He Kill All Those Children?
  • Supreme Court Mistake About Video Games