December '12 Issue
Our Task: Educate Grassroots & Leaders
  • Political Parties Need Rebranding & New Leadership
  • Beware: Amnesty Won’t Elect Republicans
  • ObamaCare Battle Isn’t Over Yet
  • Good Advice from Ronald Reagan
  • Hope for the Future
  • November '12 Issue
    Beware of the Lame Duck Session
  • Try Bipartisanship About China
  • Treaty Mischief on Disabilities
  • October '12 Issue
    Some Issues in the 2012 Election
  • Contrast in Platforms on Social Issues
  • Amazing Vote at Democratic Convention
  • Obama Sabotages Welfare Reform
  • Democrats Have No Plan to Create Jobs
  • Social Issues Cost a Lot of Tax Money
  • Bad Facts About Obama’s Prospects
  • Beware of the Lame Duck Session
  • September '12 Issue
    Excerpts from the 2012 Republican Platform
  • Democrat Platform
  • Labor Day Reminds Us of Need for Jobs
  • August '12 Issue
    The NEA Shows Its Politics
  • Terminate the Racket of College Loans
  • Some NEA Resolutions Passed at the 2012 Convention in Washington, D.C.
  • July '12 Issue
    One Nation Under Government, Not Under God
  • Obama Censors the Declaration
  • One Nation Under Government
  • The Dream Act Is a Nightmare
  • Grassley Asks the Right Questions
  • June '12 Issue
    Where is Obama Taking America?
  • Obama Lunges Toward World Government
  • Obama Is A Big-Time Law Violator
  • Obama Bogged Down by Scandals
  • Defeat Law of the Sea Treaty — Again
  • Buy American To Eat Safe
  • April '12 Issue
    Some Ways Americans Are Ripped Off
  • Spying and Stealing by Communist China
  • H-1B Visas Take American Jobs
  • Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks
  • Look What's Going On in Charter Schools
  • March '12 Issue
    Phony Divide Between Fiscal & Social Issues
  • The Big Issue: Dependency vs. Liberty
  • We Can't Separate Social Policy from Tax Law
  • February '12 Issue
    How Do They Come Up With So Many Bad Ideas?
  • National Popular Vote — One of the Worst
  • Unconstitutional Recess Appointments
  • Schools Building Databases on Kids
  • Day of Reckoning for VAWA
  • Jan Brewer's Photo With Obama
  • January '12 Issue
    What's Coming Up in 2012?
  • Bailing out the European Union
  • We Don't Like the Future We See
  • China Celebrates Outwitting Us
  • Good News from the UN!
  • Obama Gives Gambling a Christmas Present