Schlafly to Ayotte: Stop Echoing
Karl Rove and Read the Amnesty Bill!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 10, 2013
CONTACT: Colleen Holmes (202) 544-0353

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Phyllis Schlafly, founder and president of the pro-family grassroots organization Eagle Forum blasted New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, who campaigned on promises to oppose amnesty, for now supporting the fatally flawed Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

“As a Senate candidate, Kelly Ayotte had it right when she said that we don’t necessarily need to add new immigration laws, we need to start by enforcing the laws already on the books,” said Schlafly. “Ayotte even ran ads against her Democrat opponent for supporting amnesty.”

“Ayotte betrayed every conservative who supported her when she announced her support for this shameful bill,” Schlafly declared. “She has apparently been spending too much time with serial Establishment election losers like Karl Rove instead of reading the bill.”

“She has retreated from her strong position on the issue and is now echoing shallow talking points about how the current system is ‘de facto amnesty,’ said Schlafly. “If she actually read the Gang of Eight’s bill, she would know it merely codifies the amnesty that is now ‘de facto’ and severely weakens the national security measures that have already been enacted but never enforced.”

“Ayotte defeated a staunch conservative candidate by only about 1,600 votes, yet she is now supporting an ObamaCare-like 1,000 plus page bill that was drafted behind closed doors, is full of payoffs to corporate and liberal special interests and actually weakens border security and guts interior enforcement,” said Schlafly. “And just like Nancy Pelosi said about ObamaCare, we have to pass it before we know what’s in it, and the more Americans learn the more they oppose the bill.”

“Ayotte declared that our immigration system is not worthy of our great nation, yet the bill she is supporting is an insult to hard-working Americans and it is not worthy of consideration on the Senate floor.” Schlafly concluded, “We hope that Ayotte and her conservative counterparts elected in 2010 and 2012 will remember the promises they made as primary candidates and will oppose this bill at every turn.”